Terms & Conditions

1- The service received by the client is a Snapchat platform that only appears for 24 hours based on the mechanisms of the work platform SnapChat.

2- We accept the extension of the announcement period for an additional 24 hours or more upon the agreement with the client.

3- We accept the display of ads weekly so that the advertisement is published daily every 24 hours for one week or more.

4- The customer acknowledges that he knows that the leaflets are automatically deleted from the SnapChat every 24 hours and that his announcement will be deleted automatically after 24 hours of publication and he knows that we will publish it again within the next 24 hours if the agreement to publish the announcement for a longer period of 24 hours.

5- After receiving a confirmation message to receive the service from the client, he acknowledges that he is not entitled to claim refund of his money as we have published the declaration and ended the agreed period.

6- The client is not entitled to open a case to return the money with PayPal or any other party and we after receive confirmation from the client that he received the service is tantamount to waiving his right in the open case and his confirmation to receive the service in full.

7- In the event that the client has changed his registered email with PayPal and then opened a refund case for a transaction, the transaction ID number and the client name and transaction date attached in the text of the customer's confirmation message to receive the service shall be considered sufficient. And he is not entitled to claim the refund of the money.

Refunds & Cancellations:

1- Once the advertisement is posted on the wall of our SnapChat account, the customer can not cancel the order and claim refund.

2. In the event that the customer has ordered cancellation of the service and refund of the funds prior to publication of the announcement, we will cancel the order and refund the payments within 24 hours of receipt.

3 - It is known that the policies of publications through SnapChat does not allow to display Ads for more than 24 hours only and if the advertisement was posted on the wall of our account, the customer is not entitled to claim the removal of the announcement and cancellation of the Order and refund of payment, since the contract is 24 hours or more and applies to the Ads Which has been agreed to repeat more than once between us and the client.

4 - SMA can not guarantee the success of the advertising campaign in any way because follow-up subscribers to declare the customer depends on the content it offers may vary followers desire to follow the accounts of advertisers from one account to another according to the content provided by the advertiser and therefore the customer is not entitled to Objection to the results of the declaration and claim the refund of money.

5- In the event of any defect in our Snapchat account or if the advertisement can not be published for any reason, the customer will be notified of this. However, the customer has the right to cancel the order and the payment will be returned within 24 hours of the cancellation request.